Magnetic Chaos and Transport - Final Reseach Plans


Major Goals:

I. Understand the dynamics of spectral energy transfer in the inertial range of MHD turbulence. What determines decorrelation times, anisotropy, and spectra? Is turbulence in experiments generated by nonlinear coupling to large-scale instabilities or linearly excited locally? Are there general characteristics common to the interstellar medium and experimental plasmas? How is MHD turbulence altered by Hall effects, reconnection, and anisotropies arising from fields and flows.

II. Understand transport of energy and particles that results from magnetic fluctuations. How does transport depend on properties of magnetic fluctuations, such as stochasticity, spectral composition, resonances? How does thermal conduction by magnetic field affect the rate of collapse of galactic clusters? How does particle transport by magnetic field affect cosmic ray propagation?





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