General Meeting
April 6-8 2009 Santa Fe New Mexico

Laboratory Jet Experiments
P. Bellan

Balanced and Imbalanced MHD Turbulence
A. Beresnyak, A. Lazarian

Rotational Stabilization of Magnetically Collimated Jets
C.Carey, C. Sovinec, J. Everett, S. Heinz

An Astrophysical Dynamo: The Origin of Large Scale, Coherent Magnetic Fields
S. Colgate, H. Li, V. Pariev, J. Si, D. Westpfhal, J. Slutz, Z. Westrom, B. Klein, J. Martinic, H. Beckley

Recent Progress in Large-Scale Kinetic Simulations of Magnetic Reconnection
B. Daughton, V. Roytershteyn, B. Albright, L. Yin, K. Bowers,H. Karimabad

Particle Transport in a Stochastic Magnetic Field during Magnetic Reconnection on MST

The Pressure’s On: Cosmic-Ray Pressure in Galactic Winds
J. Everett,E. Zweibel, Q. Schiller, B. Benjamin, D. McCammon,J. Gallagher

Open Questions in Momentum Transport in the MST RFP
G. Fiksel

Ion Heating and Taylor states in SSX
T. Gray, M. Brown, C. Cothran, M. Schaffer, G. Marklin

Minimum energy states in Hall MHD relaxation theory
I. Khalzov, F. Ebrahimi, D. Schnack

Negative energy waves and MHD stability of rotating plasma
I. Khalzov, V. Ilgisonis

3D Magnetic Reconnection of Relativistic Pair Plasmas
W. Liu, L. Yin, B. Albright, H. Li, S. Hsu, K. Bowers, W. Daughton, B. Bergen, J. Margulies

Computational Studies of Magnetic Bubble Expansion as a Model for Extra-Galactic Radio Lobes
W. Liu, H. Li, S. Hsu, S. Li,A. Lynn

Plasma Bubble Expansion as a Laboratory Model for Astrophysical and Solar Plasmas
A. Lynn, Y. Zhang, S. Hsu,H. Li, W. Liu

A Toroidal CHERS Diagnostic for MST
R. Magee

Dynamo in helical turbulence
L. Mayshkin, S. Boldyrev

Hall reconnection and beyond
L. Malyshkin

Probe Measurements of Particle and Momentum Transport in MST
M. C. Miller,A. F. Almagri, D. Craig, D. A. Ennis, G. Fiksel, S. Gangadhara, A. Kuritsyn,S. C. Prager, D. Stone, T. D. Tharp

An update of results from the Princeton MRI Experiment
M. Nornberg, E. Schartman, H. Ji, A. Roach, W. Liu, J. Goodman

Laboratory Study of Solar Flux Loops in MRX
E. Oz, M. Yamada, B. McGeehan, S. Dorfman, H. Ji, N. Williams, J. Xie

Numerical simulations of imbalanced MHD turbulence
J. Perez, S. Boldyrev

Recent Advances in Fully Kinetic Simulations of Driven Magnetic Reconnection with Boundary Conditions Relevant to MRX
V. Roytershteyn, W. Daughton, B.J. Albright, K.J. Bowers, L.Yin S. Dorfman, H. Ji, M. Yamada

Formation of Extended Current Sheets in Collisionless Hall MHD Systems
B. Sullivan, A. Bhattacharjee

Magnetic Fields in Galaxy Clusters
G. Taylor, K. Shurkin, S. Allen, A. Fabian, J. Sanders, R. Dunn

Hall Reconnection at the Reversal Surface of MST
T.D. Tharp A.F. Almagri, M.C. Miller, V.V. Mirnov, S.C. Prager, J.S. Sarff, D. Craig

An Express Theoretical Journey From Fluctuations to Anomalous Resistivity in Magnetic Reconnection Experiment
Y. Wang, R. Kulsrud, H. Ji


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