General Meeting
July 8-10, 2008 Princeton New Jersey

Short wavelength fluctuations in the solar wind
S. D. Bale, S. Kilpua, K. Xu, C. Salem, J. C. Kasper, G. G. Howes, and E. Quataer

Strong Imbalanced Turbulence
A. Beresnyak, A. Lazarian

Scaling of Energy Spectra and Implications for Ion heating in the solar wind
A. Bhattacharjee, C. S. Ng, B. Chandran, M. Goldstein, P. Isenberg, and D. Munsi, J. Podesta, A. Roberts and C. Smith

Spheromak Merging and Reconnection in an Oblate Geometry
M. Brown,T.Gray, E. Dewey, B. Gerber-Siff, K.Labe, V. Chaplin, L. Bookman

Reconnection Onset and Self-Organization in Solar and Stellar Coronae
P. Cassak, M. Shay, J. Drake, B. Eckhardt, D. Mullan, K. Malakit

Momentum Transport In Turbulent Hydro Jets and Extragalactic Sources Morphology
A. Ferrari,G. Bodo, S. Massaglia, A. Mignone, P. Rossi

Physics of line-tying: plasma resistivity and pressure,boundary sheaths and axial flow
J. M. Finn, G.L. Delzano, F. Arcudi

Solar Wind as a Turbulent Magnetofluid: Observations and Simulations
M. L. Goldstein

The Electron Diffusion Region : Forces and Currents
M. Hesse

Impulsive reconnection: 3D onset and stagnation
T. Intrator, X. Sun, L. Dorf, I. Furno,G. Lapenta

Magnetic Reconnection: Simple Ideas
R. Kulsrud

Magnetic Topology and Tangential Discontinuities in Changing Magnetic Volumes
B.C. Low

2-D two-fluid MHD Reconnection (work in progress)
L. Malyshkin

Global Simulations of Magnetic Reconnection in an Experimental Geometry
N.A. Murphy, C.R. Sovinec

Observation of MHD Instability in the Princeton MRI Experiment
M. Nornberg,E. Schartman, H. Ji, A. Roach,W. Liu, and J. Goodman

Hydrodynamics and Magnetohydrodynamics
E. N. Parker

Numerical Simulations of the spectrum of Alfvénic turbulence
J. C. Perez and S. Boldyrev

Experimental Study of High Frequency Magnetic Fluctuations in MST
Y. Ren , A. Almagri, S. Prager, G. Fiksel, J. Sarff

Turbulence, magnetic fields, plasma instabilities and the transport properties of the intracluster medium
A. Schekochihin, S. Cowley,R Kulsrud,F. Rincon,M. Rosin,G. Hammett,P. Sharma

Simulations of Decaying Kinetic Alfvén Wave Turbulence: Coherent and Intermittent Structures
K.W. Smith and P.W. Terry

Analytic Modeling of the Magnetic Turbulence Spectrum in MST
P.W. Terry, J.S. Sarff, V. Tangri, Y. Ren, A.F. Almagri, D.A. Baver, G. Fiksel, and S.C. Prager

Magnetic Reconnection, from Slow to Fast: Current Understanding, Astrophysical Applications and Open Issues
D.A. Uzdensky

Magnetic Reconnection: Progress in Understanding through MRX results
M. Yamada

Reconnection and Line Tying
E. Zweibel


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