General Meeting
October 5-7, 2005, at Princeton, NJ

Hall-MHD simulations of counter-helicity spheromak merging
E. Belova

Polarization intermittency in Alfvenic turbulence
A. Beresnyak, A. Lazarian

Simulatios of astrophysical jets
G. Bodo, C. Zanni, A. Ferrari, S. Massaglia, A. Mignone, P. Rossi

Initial Hydrodynamic Results from the Princeton MRI Experiment
M.J. Burin, H. Ji, J. Goodman, E. Schartman, W. Liu

Mean field dynamos: analytical and numerical results
F. Cattaneo

Experimental Tests of Two-Fluid Relaxation
D. Craig and MST Team

Momentum Transport from Tearing Mode: Experiments
Weixing Ding, D.L. Brower, B.H.Deng and T.Yates

Formation of Singularities in Ideal Hall-MHD
Jürgen Dreher

Momentumtransport fromtearingmodes
F. Ebrahimi, S.C.Prager,V.V.Mirnov and C.R.Sovinec

J.E.T.S. - Joint Experiment Theory Simulations
A. Ferrari, S.Massaglia, C. Zanni, D. Tordella

Multiple reconnections and explosive events and in MST and solar flares
G. Fiksel

Line-Tied Reconnection Theory
E. G. Evstatiev, G. L. Delzanno, and J. M. Finn

Ion Heating and Velocity Fluctuation Measurements in MST
S.Gangadhara, D. Craig, D. Ennis, G. Fiskel and the MST team

Helical MagnetoRotational Instability and Issues in Astrophysical Jets
J.Goodman, Hantao Ji, Wei Liu

Gyrokinetic Simulations of Astrophysical Turbulence

m = 1 Ideal Internal Kink Mode inLine-tied Screw Pinch
Yi-Min Huang, Ellen Zweibel, Carl Sovinec, V. Mirnov, C. Hegna, and C. Forest

Hall Effect during Counter-helicity Spheromak Merging in the MRX
M. Inomoto, S. P. Gerhardt, M. Yamada, H. Ji, E. Belova, Y. Ren, A. Kuritsyn

Dynamo and Magnetic Helicity Flux
Hantao Ji, CMSO & PPPL

Initial Hydrodynamic Results from the Princeton MRI Experiment
M. J. Burin

Experimental Study of the Effects of Boundary Conditions and Guide Field on Magnetic Reconnectionon

Simulations of Princeton Gallium Experiment
Wei Liu, J. Goodman, Hantao Ji, Jim Stone, Michael J. Burin,
E. Schartman

Magnetic reconnection with anomalous resistivity in 2.5 dimensions
L. Malyshkin, T. Linde, R. Kulsrud

Solitary Dynamo Waves
J. Mason, E. Knobloch

MHD Modeling of Astrophysical Disk Coronae
Z. Mikic, V. Titov, A. Pankin, D. Schnack, J. Goodman, D.A. Uzdensky
(.mov: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9)

Theory of flow-driven instability in lab plasma
V.V. Mirnov

Simulation of Gallium experiment
A. Obabko

Comparing classical and lab plasma dynamos
S. Prager

Experimental Studies of the Hall Effect in MRX
Y. Ren, M. Yamada, S. P. Gerhardt , A. Kuritsyn, H. Ji, R. Kulsrud, M. Inomoto

Line-Tied Kink Instability in a Laboratory Plasma
J. Sarff, W. Bergerson, G. Fiksel, C. Forest, D. Hannum, R. Kendrick, S. Stambler

Evidence for the Nonlinear Transport of Galactic Cosmic Rays
A. Shalchi, R. Schlickeiser

Magnetic Structure of the Disk Corona
S.Titov, Z. Mikic, A. Pankin, D. Schnack, J. Goodman, D.A. Uzdensky

Activity on Momentum Transport
D. Tordella

Analytic Calculation of Hall Reconnection
D. A. Uzdensky, R. M. Kulsrud


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