US-Japan Workshop on Reconnection
October 5-7, 2009 Madison, Wisconsin

Fast Reconnection and Collisionless Resistivity in Low-Density Hydrogen and Pair Plasmas
N. Bessho, A. Bhattacharjee

Fast Reconnection in High-Lundquist-Number Plasmas Due to the Plasmoid Instability

Mass-Dependent Ion Heating Due to Magnetic Reconnection in SSX
M. Brown, T. Gray, C. Cothran, V. Lukin, J. Santner, M. Korein, D. Weinhold

Relaxation and Reconnection in Merging Spheromak Experiment

New Insights into Magnetic Reconnection Enabled by Petascale Kinetic Simulations
W. Daughton

Local and Global 3D Effects in the Magnetic Reconnection Experiment (MRX)
S. Dorfman, H. Ji. M. Yamada, V. Roytersheyn, W. Daughton, J. Yoo, E. Oz

A Reconnection Mechanism for the Generation ofAnomalous Cosmic Rays

Momentum Transport From Magnetic Reconnection in Laboratory and Astrophysical Plasmas
F. Ebrahimi, V. Mirnov, S. Prager, D. Schnack, C. Sovinec

The Equations of State in Collisionless Magnetic Reconnection

Line-Tied Reconnection
J. Finn

Fast Magnetic Reconnection in a Kinked Current Sheet
K. Fujimoto

Internal and External Kink Modes in Rotating Wall Machine
C. Forest, W. Bergerson, M. Brookhart, D. Hannum, R. Kendrick

Properties of Magneto-Hydrodynamic Waves in the Solar Photosphere with Hinode
D. Fujimura, S. Tsuneta

Experiments on Magnetic Flux Ropes in a Magnetoplasma
W. Gekelman, E. Lawrence

Suprathermal Proton Acceleration in Magnetic Reconnection Observed in the Earth's Magnetotail
M. Hirai, S. Imada, M. Hoshino

Effects of Line-Tying on MHD Instabilities and Current Sheet Formation
Y. Huang

Magnetic Reconnection in Solar Atmosphere Observed by Hinode

Fast Magnetic Reconnection with Current Sheet Ejection in Plasma Merging Experiment
M. Inomoto, Y. Ono

Experimental 3D Reconnection and Unexpected Dynamics of Flux Ropes
T. Intrator, X. Sun, L. Dorf, I. Furno

Null-point Reconnection in Fluid Pair Plasma without Anomalous Resistivity
E. Johnson, J. Rossmanith

Fast Magnetic Reconnection of 3D Weakly Turbulent Magnetic Field

Fast and Slow Magnetic Reconnection
L. Malyshkin

Global Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations of Time Variabilities in Black Hole Accretion Flows
R. Matsumoto

Flow Dynamics and Transport in the Edge of MST
M. Miller

Properties of Asymmetric Reconnection in Space and Simulations

Magnetic Reconnection with Asymmetry in the Outflow Direction
N. Murphy

Chromospheric Jet observed with Hinode & Collisional Reconnection in the Chromosphere : Evidence of Propagating Alfven Waves and Magnetic Reconnection
N. Nishizuka, M. Shimizu, T. Nakamura, K. Shibata

Statistical Study of Chromospheric Anemone Jets Observed with Hinode/SOT and Chromospheric Reconnection
N. Nishizuka, T. Nakamura, T. Kawate, K. Shibata

Multi-island Coalescence and Particle Acceleration
M. Oka, T. Phan, J. Eastwood

3-D Fast Reconnection in TS-3 and 4 Merging Experiments

Laboratory Studies of Solar Flux loops in MRX
E. Oz, M. Yamada, J. Xie, H. Ji, J. Yoo, S. Dorfman

Generation of Electron Vortices During Asymmetric Magnetic Reconnection With a Guide Field
P.L. Pritchett

Magnetic Reconnection at the Dayside Magnetopause in Global LFM Simulations
B. Rogers, J. Ouellette, J. Lyon, M. Wiltberger

Fully Kinetic Simulations of Driven Magnetic Reconnection in 2D and 3D with Coulomb Collisions and Boundary Conditions Mimicking MRX
V. Roytershtein, W. Daughton, L. Yin, B.J. Albright, K.J. Bowers, S. Dorfman, H. Ji, M. Yamada, H. Karimabadi

Multiple Magnetic Reconnection Regions and Magnetic Self-Organization
J. Sarff, A. Almagri, D.J. Hartog, W. Ding, G. Fiksel, T. Tharp

Magnetic Reconnection in Two Dimensional Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence
M. Shay, S. Servidio, W. Matthaeus, P. Cassak, P. Dmitruk

Hinode Observations of Magnetic Reconnection and Coronal Heating
T. Shimizu

Asymmetric Reconnection at the Heliopause
M. Swisdak

Multiscale Simulation of Collisionless Driven Reconnection
S. Usami, H. Ohtani, R. Horiuchi

The Role of Secondary Magnetic Islands in Magnetic Reconnection
N. Loureiro, D. Uzdensky, A. Schekochihin, R. Samtaney, S. Cowley

MHD Simulations of a Current Sheet with Initial Finite Perturbations
T. Yokoyama

Two-Fluid Simulations of Relativistic Magnetic Reconnection in Pair Plasmas
S. Zenitani

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